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What is research? Why do research ethics matter?

This lecture is a part of a 3-day series on research ethics delivered in collaboration with the Sudanese American Medical Association (SAMA). In this part of the lecture on research ethics, Dr Hussein is discussing 3 questions: 1- What is research? 2- What is research ethics? 3- Why should I care about research ethics?

Research Ethics Committees and Vulnerability

When to submit to the research ethics committee? Who is vulnerable in research? In this part of the lecture on research ethics delivered by Dr Ghaiath Hussein for SAMA interns, the following is discussed: 1- Which research should be submitted for ethical review? 2- Who is vulnerable? 3- What defines vulnerability in research?

How to choose your PhD topic?

I received a request for advice from a student who got a chance to pursue her PhD in one of the top universities in the world. Her project is related to ethics. She asked me about which topic to choose and what to do about the research proposal she has to send. I gave her… Read more “How to choose your PhD topic?”

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