Ghaiath Hussein is now a member of MSF – ERB

Ghaiath Hussein is now officially a member of the Ethics Review Board of Medicins Sans Frontiers.

The MSF-ERB is composed of a diverse group of professionals coming from different continents, with an understanding of humanitarian and NGO realities.

MSF ERB Website

It was a long journey. It started in North Darfur as a ‘field supervisor’ in the Crude Mortality Survey that the WHO conducted along with the Federal Ministry of Health and other stakeholders. This was in 2005. In 2006, I became the Survey Manager of the Sudan Household Health Survey in South Darfur. In both experiences, I got exposed firsthand to the planning and the conduct of research in humanitarian settings, especially during an armed conflict.

What did that teach me?

A lot. The hard way though. I once had one of my data collection team trapped (with their filled questionnaires) in a town that was attacked by the infamous Janjawid militias. It was a miracle to have them back safe and to have the questionnaires with extremely detailed responses untouched. The could have served as a ‘kill list’ should they have fallen in the wrong hands. These experiences led me to pursue my PhD at the exact same topic.

What’s next?

Not sure. Sometimes you share what you know because you feel obliged to and for the feeling that this is the right thing. It is not only the matter of how many people would benefit, or how many new subscriptions, likes, follows you get. A single person (student, colleague, or a website visitor) can make a huge difference with a simple thing you may have written or shared. Think of it like a seed. Until you throw it in the soil, you will never know for sure if it will grow and how big it will become as a tree.

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