Training with SAMA in Sudan

Sudan has this unique magic of keeping you pulled to it no matter how little or how hard you have lived in it.

I had the privilege to meet with brilliant minds who represent a very promising, well-committed, and a successful example of how Sudanese can help wherever they are. The Sudanese American Medical Association (SAMA) has kindly invited me to deliver a series of training activities in Sudan, well almost! The will be virtual sessions for the staff of two of SAMA’s collaborating centres in Sudan.

What does it include?

  • Ethics & Professionalism
  • Academic Writing and Scientific Publications
  • Communication skills for HCPs

On the hope that the electricity supply and the internet remain stable throughout the training sessions, these topics will be delivered one module per session, every Saturday morning (starting 9.00 Sudan’s time).

Who will be able to attend?

For now, the registration will be to the Turkish Teaching Hospital and Madani Center staff. However, there is a plan to broadcast the recorded lectures n YouTube.

Stay tuned to find more details.

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